SwingD Control Panel

  • 1. How do I access control panel?

    A SwingD account is required to access the SwingD control panel. To create your SwingD account complete the following steps.
    1. Open the SwingD mobile app on your mobile device
    2. Tap the Create Account button and enter your Email, Name and Password then tap Register button.
    Enter the Email and Password for your SwingD account below to access the SwingD control panel.
  • 2. What is this control panel?

    What can you do with SwingD control panel?
    1. Create and manage teams and their rosters, which become available for use inside SwingD mobile app.
    2. Create and download SwingD reports that analyze data you've uploaded from SwingD mobile app after charting batting practices or games.
  • 3. My advantages from control panel?

    What are the advantages provided by SwingD reports?
    1. Understand if good decisions are being made at the plate by a team or individual players and track this over time.
    2. Understand if a team and individual players are providing hard hits and track this over time.
    3. Evaluate the intervention used to influence plate decisions and ability to provide hard hits. We highly recommend V-flex as a intervention that has been proven to successfully increase quality decisions at the plate and hard hits.


To view a demo team report, following the 6 steps listed below.

  1. Login above username = demo and password = demo
  2. scroll to bottom of application and click "Reports"
  3. click "Select" 
  4. click "Game stats"
  5. click the game played on "5/31/2019"
  6. scroll to view entire report generated from data input and uploaded from mobile app

NOTE: To add individual player data to team report, simply check "Player" in Show Data section then click Show Details button



  • TP => Total Pitch
  • #S => Strikes
  • #SS =>Strike Swinging
  • #B => Total Balls
  • #BT => Ball Taken
  • SE => Strike Efficiency
  • BE => Ball Efficiency
  • VQAB => V-Flex Quality At Bat
  • HHS => Hard Hit Strikes
  • HHB => Hard Hit Balls
  • HH => Hard Hit
  • %HH => %Hard Hit